Corporate Vision

Feynman is committed to making the world’s connection more reliable and simple

Our Mission

Build famous brand for customers; deliver quality product to users Realize value for employees; accumulate wealth for shareholders Become leader in the cable industry

Core values


Product quality is the life of company


Loyalty, unity, persistent innovation, transcendence, fully dedication


Focus on quality and innovation; invest in research and development

Integrity and down-to-earth, mutual benefit and win-win


Realize the full talent of employees; make the best use of material

Invest money in the right places, and everyone contribute their full strength


The Customer

Customers’ demand is the goal of our work. No matter what position you are in, you must realize that each of our work is to help the customers achieve maximum value. Customers’ satisfaction is our first goal.


The staff is the blood of the enterprise, the staff is the wealth of the enterprise, the staff’s diligence makes the enterprise unceasing development, the staff’s creation makes the enterprise wins the praise, we must treat the staff well. We want to help our employees realize their career dreams. We want to fully respect their personality and dignity and inspire their talents. Their every work should be full of value and challenges.


Teamwork: we fully recognize the importance of cooperation. Without lone heroes, all success requires the joint efforts of a team, and all honors are the result of team writing.
Professional skills: our products are service and technology. The company will strive to provide employees with career success opportunities and appropriate training, and each employee will provide more efficient and perfect services for customers in the constant growth.
Information exchange: in addition to confidential information, employees of the company should widely and effectively share and exchange information with each other. Only by helping each other can they achieve faster improvement.
Innovation consciousness: innovation is the source power of enterprise development. The company encourages its employees to be innovative in solving problems, and to be able to modify and adjust their way of doing things and methods according to external changes to create and introduce novel, imaginative and transformative ideas and solutions for products, services, processes and business methods.


Do one thing a day. Do one thing a month. Do one thing a year.